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Incoming Students


As International Relations Office, we do not provide accommodation; however, we are trying to help as soon as possible.


For student mobility:


Unfortunately Erasmus+ students do not benefit from university’s dormitory. But they can stay private dormitories or apart those are within walking distance from the campus. The rent is on average and the rooms are always furnished. It also makes sense to share the flat with other Erasmus+ students or to rent a small apartment yourself. Moreover, most of our students reach us to host Erasmus+ students at their houses as a roommate or a housemate.


As Office, we have also created a buddy system in which we assign buddies to each student or to ask former outgoing students to assist Erasmus students during their whole stay about accommodation, travel arrangements and about giving information about the university, city and the country in general.


For staff mobility:


Staffs who come Sakarya University within Erasmus+ Mobility program can stay at our university’s guest house by paying the fee by themselves. The fee per person for per night is 20 TL. However, there is not a single room at guest house in that all rooms have two beds in it. In that case, they will either stay with a second person in one room or they will pay for both of beds in one room (40 TL).


Also, for those who do not want to stay in guest house, here is the list of some hotels in Sakarya:



Limapark Otel

Firma Rehberi     Address: Kenan Sofuoğlu Cad. No: 65 / Serdivan (Geltat Süpermarket Serdivan Şubesi Üzeri)

Firma Rehberi     Telephone : 0264 2114411    0264 2112270              

Firma Rehberi     Fax : 0264 2112271         

Firma Rehberi     Web : www.limapark.com.tr

Firma Rehberi     E-mail : Firmanin Mail Adresi


The Riada Hotel

Firma Rehberi     Address: Yenidoğan Mah. Bosna Cad. No:70 Adapazarı

Firma Rehberi     Telephone: 0264 2819454                   

Firma Rehberi     Fax : 0264 2824154         

Firma Rehberi     Web : www.theriadahotel.com

Firma Rehberi     E-mail: Firmanin Mail Adresi


Grand Hotel Sakarya

Firma Rehberi     Address: Adnan Menderes Cd.No:126

Firma Rehberi     Telephone : 0264 2764540                   

Firma Rehberi     Fax : 0264 2764541    

Firma Rehberi     Web : www.sakaryagrandhotel.com

Firma Rehberi     E-mail : Firmanin Mail Adresi



Hotel Baltürk

Firma Rehberi     Address: Ankara Cad. No:53 Adapazarı

Firma Rehberi     Telephone : 0264 2733920    0264 2733921    0264 2733922         

Firma Rehberi     Web : www.balturkotel.com

Firma Rehberi     E-mail : Firmanin Mail Adresi


Ada Elit Hotel

Firma Rehberi     Address: Yenicami Mah. Adnan Menderes Cad. No: 65 Adapazarı

Açıklama: Firma Rehberi     Telephone:  0264 2724590                   

Firma Rehberi     Fax : 0264 2724594         

Firma Rehberi     Web : www.adaelithotel.com.tr

Firma Rehberi     E-mail : Firmanin Mail Adresi


Garden Altınova Hotel

Firma Rehberi     Address: Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Bulv. No: 57( Altınova Hast. Karşısı) Serdivan / Sakarya

Firma Rehberi     Telephone : 0264 2110338                   

Firma Rehberi     Mobile Tel : 0541 6710009              

Firma Rehberi     Fax : 0264 2114777         

Firma Rehberi     Web : www.gardenaltinovahotel.com.tr

Firma Rehberi     E-mail : Firmanin Mail Adresi


Sen Hotel Academic Aparts

Firma Rehberi     Address: İstiklal Mah. Sanayi Cad. No:16 Serdivan / SAKARYA

Firma Rehberi     Telephone : +90 264 666 25 25

Firma Rehberi     Fax : +90 264 278 15 59

Firma Rehberi     Web : http://www.senotel.com.tr/index.html

Firma Rehberi     E-mail : info@senotel.com.tr