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How to reach us?

How to Reach Us?

Sakarya is a small town near the Black Sea in the northwest of Turkey. It is very close to both Istanbul (the most popular city) and Ankara (capital city)-just in the middle of these two cities. Although Sakarya does not have its own airport, you can reach here by plane through airports located in these two cities. However; since it is easy and quick, we suggest you come here through Istanbul.    

From Istanbul

Istanbul does have two airports: one (Sabiha Gökçen Airport) is in Anatolian side and the other one (Atatürk Airport) is in European side. You can easily plan your journey from these airports in that there is a good connection from airports to bus stations.

If you get to the Atatürk Airport, first you should reach Istanbul Esenler Bus station by taking subway (Airport-Yenikapı Metro) and get off from subway in Esenler stop. After that you should take a bus (Vib Turizm, Metro Turizm) to Sakarya. (Approximately 2 hours)

If you use Sabiha Gökçen Airport, there are some travel agencies which can transfer you from airport to Sakarya such as Akmis Seyahat, Uçar Seyahat. Some airlines like Pegusus have also its own transfer services. It takes almost 1,5 hours to reach Sakarya from Sabiha Gökçen.

From Ankara

 When you get to the Ankara Esenboğa Airport, first you should reach Ankara Bus Station (AŞTİ), by taking HAVAŞ buses or 442 Public Bus. After that you should take a bus from AŞTİ to Sakarya (almost 4 hours).

Please, for detailed information check some of the bus firms from İstanbul and/or Ankara to Sakarya:

Vib Turizm :       http://www.sakaryavib.com.tr/index.html

Metro Turizm:   http://otobus.metroturizm.com.tr/?gclid=CN6o_quLjssCFQmNGwodQ6sKhw

Kent Turizm:      http://www.kentturizm.com.tr/


Akmis Seyahat: http://www.akmisseyahat.com.tr/hareket/sakarya


Uçar Seyahat:    http://www.e-yasamrehberi.com/otobus_firmalari/adapazari-tuzla-kaynarca-pendik-seferleri.htm#.VsxqPvl4b4Y

How to get Sakarya University?

When you get to the Sakarya Bus Station, it is easy to reach Sakarya University from station as it takes just about twenty minutes. Most of bus firms have their own minibuses directly to the Sakarya University Esentepe Campus with free or charge. You may also use local transport system. If you want to come directly to campus, you should take campus bus (bus number is 29) or you may go first city center by taking blue minibuses and take another one in the city center. 

As Office, we have created a buddy system in which we assign buddies to each student or to ask former Erasmus students to assist Erasmus students during their whole stay about accommodation, travel arrangements and about giving information about the university, city and the country in general. You buddy will help you!