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Incoming Students

After becoming an Exchange student.



After you receive your Letter of Invitation from Sakarya University, here are steps you should follow:


1.  You need to go to nearest/appropriate Turkish Embassy or Consulate with your Letter of Invitation and other necessary documents to get your student Visa.

2. At the same time, you will receive an e-mail about your Buddy Student from International Relations Office (Erasmus Office).

(Buddy Student): S/he helps you about your arrival, accommodation, registration to Sakarya University.

4.  After your arrival to Sakarya, you should come our office and we will register you to the university. Your buddy may help you in reaching our office. 

For Registration:

You need a copy of your passport (with visa or entrance stamp) and two photos.  You should also fill in the student information document which will be given by us.  After you bring all these documents, we will register to the school and you can get your student card/ internet password within 15 days after your arrival.

“User name and password” are necessary to access your personal Sabis account (https://sabis.sakarya.edu.tr/tr)  as well as aces Wi-fi on the campus. You will follow all your courses and schedule at Sabis account.

“Student Identity Card” shows that you are a student of Sakarya University. With this card you can travel cheaper, use the main entrance, benefit from Library, computer hall, dining hall, clubs, etc.


5. After your registration to the university, you must also be registered for the lectures. You should get in touch with Erasmus Coordinator of your department during the first week of your arrival in order to discuss the courses you will take during the semester/semesters. Please keep in mind that, you can get any courses from any faculty as long as the courses are not open or overlapped. Also you can take the courses recommended by your coordinator.


For Selection of the courses


You need to finish add/ drop process maximum within 4 weeks after the beginning of our academic year. There will be no flexibility.


First of all, you must show your learning agreement to your coordinator. You can learn the name of your coordinator when you come to our office or you can visit Departmental Coordinators section on this webpage. If he/she approves that all of the lectures on your learning agreement are available, you will not do any change on your agreement. If not available, you should prepare the During the Mobility section of Learning Agreement.  (For detailed information, please visit the Preparing Learning Agreement section).

Along with your learning agreement, you should also inform International Relations Office about your final courses since it is the Office which will register you the courses.  After you are informed that your registration for lectures has completed, you should check whether you are registered for the correct lecture.  All these processes should be done before add/drop period ends in each semester.

6. In Turkey, all international students must apply residence permit within 30 days after their arrival. For further information, please visit the Visa and Resident Permit section on this webpage.


8.  Before you leave at the end of the semester, you should prepare After the Mobility Section of Learning Agreement and you need to fill the Erasmus Incoming Student Evaluation Survey. Survey is a crucial document for you to get your Transcript of Records and Confirmation Letter.


Hope you will have a successful and an enjoyable year at Sakarya! 

International Relations Office